With a combined 25+ years experience with manufacturer warranty claims, the Car Warranty Specialists have you covered. Call us for all of your warranty needs.

Tamara Hathaway, Warranty Administrator

Tamara Hathaway, Warranty AdministratorI have over 20 years experience with GM warranty claim collection, 17 years with Chrysler warranty claim collection, and 10 years with Ford warranty claim collection. Along with past experience with Nissan, Suzuki, and Mazda warranties, I have also had more that 26 years of experience with RO billing, service, and body shop repairs. This ensures that the companies I work for get all the money that they’re entitled to. I know the factory rules and can easily identify any missing parts or labor.

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Jessica Merritt, Warranty Administrator

Jessica Merritt, Warranty AdministratorI have over 10 years of experience with RO billing at automotive dealerships, with focus on warranty claims exclusively for approximately 3 years.  I am a certified Chrysler warranty administrator and also have experience with GM and Nissan warranty claims.

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